6 tips to right affection and nourishment for baby’s glow

If you want to get your toddler’s skin glowing, it’s important that you take care of her personal hygiene in a special way. As much as we want to shower our little ones with love and affection, sometimes the need for proper hygiene steps can slip away. We rush through the process with them or overlook their needs because they’re too young to articulate what they need from us. It’s hard enough just getting ourselves together in the morning, let alone properly grooming an infant who doesn’t have a clue how. For healthy nutrition, you can find some great snacks for babies on organicsbestshop.com.


But remember: if left unchecked, these bad habits can have negative consequences not only on your toddler’s skin but also on her total well-being and self-esteem.


  1. Not giving enough time to bathing a toddler:


When your toddler was a newborn and needed frequent baths, now you don’t have to bathe her for at least 6 months. However, it is still important to make sure she is clean regularly. A good routine for mothers is one bath every other day and a quick wipe down with a paper towel after each meal. This will suffice until your baby reaches the age of 2 years old, when she might be ready for bathing twice a week.


  1. Not giving her a bath with the entire family:


One reason why toddlers do not like to bathe is because of their reluctance to share the bathroom or bathtub with other children. If you can, try bathing your baby with the whole family and not just child-care center personnel or hired help, which could make her uncomfortable.


  1. Not cleaning out the shower head in time:


If your mother doesn’t do it, why would you expect a toddler to? Avoid having one toddler shower after another so this doesn’t happen! Follow proper hygiene procedures when bathing your little one and make sure you clean out the shower head every day.


  1. Not giving enough attention to her hair:


Have you noticed that toddlers are not very good at washing or rinsing their hair? You need to take them through a hair-washing routine and make sure they don’t leave the water running while trying to shampoo their hair. Are they too young for proper shampooing? Rule out the fact that they are not ready for this first step if you can.


  1. Not using the right products:


Finally, don’t be afraid to use the right products for your toddler. There’s no need to use baby wash or shampoo before she turns two years old. Try using moisturizing shampoos or something that is lighter on her hair and scalp. You should also take into consideration the age factor when choosing a product as well as you know your little one best.


  1. Not paying attention to the nutrition needs:

Don’t think that you’re doing a great job as a parent if your little one is still growing, otherwise it’s time to start worrying about her proper nutrition and have an open conversation with your doctor.



The skin condition of a toddler is dependent on her overall health. If you take good care of her health and hygiene, then you have an opportunity to teach her positive life lessons while maintaining a long-lasting relationship with your little girl.

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