What you Can do if you have an MSCJ Degree

What Can I Do with a Master’s in Criminal Justice?

    There are many careers that you can have with a Master’s in Criminal Justice, and they are all exciting jobs. Criminal Justice is an umbrella term that covers all types of careers in the criminal justice system. You can have a career in any walk of life in the community, or even the country.

There are many schools that you can get the training you need to work in the criminal justice system. You can even get an online MSCJ at many schools. These degrees will get you into any of the following professions.

Careers in Criminal Justice

  1. Police Officer

A police officer works in your community to enforce the laws, patrol your community to look for illegal activity, respond to crime calls, respond to complaints and activity that may be suspicious, make arrests, and issue citations.

  1. Corrections Officer

A corrections officer will work with a criminal justice facility and work with inmates to make sure they are safe and following the rules in the facility. They also work to maintain order in the facility, they check inmates and visitors for any illegal substances such as weapons and drugs. They will also watch inmate activity, check the facility to ensure that it is safe and secure, and other jobs to make sure that inmates and the facility will be safe.

  1. Private Investigator

Private investigators work in the community to investigate legal cases, financial cases, criminal cases, help to locate missing person. They do a lot of research, interviewing, and conducting and monitoring surveillance. To find out more about being a private investigator you can check out this site. It can be an exciting job, but can be dangerous, as well.

  1. Criminal Profiler

These people work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, and are special agents who give investigators psychological and physical information about suspects that they may be searching for. They can also help to find the suspect by helping to visualize the crime and its events from the beginning to the end.

  1. Crime Prevention Specialist

These specialists work with communities to help them prevent crimes and make the communities safer. They help the communities by recommending safety measures they can put in place to make the community safer. They also recommend programs that can be started to ensure safety, such as a neighborhood watch program.

  1. Crime Scene Investigator

The crime scene investigator works at crime scenes and investigates every aspect of the scene. They look for clues as to what happened and who did the crime. They look at things like finding fingerprints and DNA evidence that might have been left behind at the scene.

  1. Drug Enforcement Administration Agent

The DEA agent will enforce the drug and illegal substance laws in the country and prevent the use and distribution of those illegal substances. They work primarily in the United States, but also work closely with border patrol agents and agents in other countries to prevent the spread of illegal substances.

  1. Homicide Detective

These detectives look for clues and evidence in murder cases in order to find out who the murderer is. They interview people and look for evidence that might have been left behind at the murder scene such as fingerprints and DNA evidence.

  1. Jail Screener

A jail screener process inmates and screen them to determine if they would be safe if released back into the community. They also recommend to the judge whether or not the need to be released on a bond of some kind.

  1. Probation Officer

Probation officers watch convicted criminals that have been released into the community on probation rather than being put into jail or prison. These officers will ensure that the individual is following all aspects of their probation and keep open communication between the officer and the individual on probation.

  1. Narcotics Officer

Narcotics officers try to stop the sell, use, and distribution of the illegal drugs and substances. They also investigate drug trafficking and possession of illegal drugs. They work undercover, and with K-9 units, and surveillance to track drugs across the country.

  1. State Trooper

These troopers work on state roads to ensure the safety of travelers and enforce traffic and safety laws on those roads. They patrol the roads and highways, issue traffic citations, and assist in motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents.

  1. Youth Correctional Officer

These officers work with juveniles that are in the criminal justice system to help them become law-abiding citizens. They give counseling to these juveniles and hope to keep them out of the criminal justice system in the future.

  1. National Security Agency Police Officer

These officers help protect the national security of the United States, patrolling the grounds of NSA buildings and protecting and training other NSA officers. They also help with counter-terrorist activities, keeping the nation safe. There is more information about the NSA and what they do here: https://www.nsa.gov/about/faqs/. This site will tell you everything you need to know.

  1. Fingerprint Technician

Fingerprint technicians will collect fingerprints from the crime scene, examine those fingerprints and determine who they belong to in order to help solve crimes.

  1. Customs Inspector

Customs inspectors will work with the agents from Homeland Security to prevent people or items from crossing the border that may pose a threat to American citizens. They often use K-9 units to help do their jobs, and they closely monitor people’s behaviors to see if they might be smuggling drugs, weapons, or other items that should not be crossing the border

  1. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent

These agents work to protect America from espionage, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and organized crime. These agents work with other agencies to make sure that the country is safe from crime and terror. They do all kinds of things from field work and investigation to research and surveillance.


Many of these jobs are very dangerous and take a lot of bravery to do them. Some are not as dangerous, but all these jobs are very satisfying for the individuals performing them. They all protect the community and even the country keeping all of us safe from criminals.

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