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Welcome to the digital age. The one with the screens, the LED lights, and the notifications on the wrist. Today, nobody is oblivious to technology. And, of course, no one does not live with graphic design. Wondering what is graphic design ? Do you know what it is for? You have come to the right place! We make a brief but complete review of this discipline. Also, if you end up checking that it is the field to which you want to dedicate yourself professionally; in our center you will find the opportunity to study graphic design.

However, let’s go for it.

What is graphic design?

Finding the answer to the star question “what is graphic design” is not easy. It is a broad discipline that interacts with many others and, in turn, works autonomously.

The main task of this field could be summarized as everything that allows publicizing and advertising products, services, and brands. However, if you keep asking yourself what is graphic design and what is not, we can even go a little deeper into it.

Graphic design is everything that communicates a visual message. Thus, its maximum is to obtain demonstrations or graphic messages. Its current boom is due to the great expansion of all kinds of visual messages through our various digital and technological devices.

What is graphic design for?

This discipline uses images, videos, and textual elements, all of the essential elements for graphic and visual communication. It is from them that graphic design manages to transmit the necessary messages and ideas.

So the answer to “what is graphic design for?” Is simple. It is the field that allows companies to capture their ideas, messages, and products. Or put another way, it is the discipline that allows the corporate identity of a brand or product to be transmitted.

We could say then that one of the disciplines with which it has the most relationship is with that of corporate communication.  A field that uses design and graphic designers, in part also, communicators. The same is true in the field of marketing. Graphic designer is responsible for capturing ideas and messages on many supports in many supports. It occurs in product packaging, on corporate websites, or commercial posters. Almost everything is supported by graphic design!


design - What is graphic design?

design - What is graphic design?

Who is a graphic designer?

Now that we have cleared the doubts about what graphic design is and what its main scope of action is, let’s see who the graphic designer is.

A graphic designer is a specialist in configuring visual messages. Therefore, you must have skills such as being orderly, creative, and expressive. As gifted as you are with one of these options, if you don’t have the others, you probably won’t get the desired result.

Likewise, this professional must have training or interest in other areas such as image aesthetics, original creation, or new design computer technologies.

Graphic designer skills

The evident need for any company to find a good graphic designer has given rise to many people interested in pursuing it. However, what is the skills of a good graphic designer? Here are the essentials. Find out below if you have them and, if not, get going to develop them.


We do not doubt that whoever goes to a graphic designer has a basic reason. You want a unique result that catches your attention, reaches your target audience, and delivers a specific message.

Therefore, one of the greatest abilities that you must have is creativity and imagination. Standing out above the rest of the designs must be its maximum. Looking at new trends in different areas will allow you to develop new ideas. However, don’t fall for the idea that copying designs are a good option. Creating unique results is what will make you successful as a graphic designer.

2 .Active listening

The good graphic designer is empathetic, listens to his clients, and complements with his knowledge in corporate and graphic communication. It is capable of capturing the ideas that are presented to it and turning them around to create striking, trendy designs that fit in today’s market.

Also, the graphic designer recommends, indicates, points, and innovates. It is up to date on the latest trends and can anticipate them.

3.Technological skills

This graphic arts professional is capable of using computer programs dedicated to graphic design. For example, you must be able to do projects in Photoshop, one of the most widely used graphic design programs today. Also, you should be enthusiastic about new technologies and the latest appearances related to it. The reason? Surely the new digital and technological platforms will require the intervention of graphic designers.

4 .Versatility

This professional is versatile, able to use all the visual elements to create a composition that works for various advertising media. For example, you can create an informative brochure that reflects the corporate identity of a website.

Graphic design is a necessary discipline, in full expansion and constantly evolving. Therefore,  the continuous training of professionals who practice in the essential sector.

Now that you know what graphic design is, what its purpose is, and what main characteristics a designer has, what are you waiting for?. Take charge of your life and dedicate yourself to it, get unique, functional creations that transmit clear messages.

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