Tips To Get More Streams & Followers on Spotify

tips to get more streams followers on spotify 35674 - Tips To Get More Streams & Followers on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps these days. It is very easy to publish music on the platform and make it available to a wide range of audiences worldwide. Nevertheless, many new artists in Spotify struggle in getting a decent number of streams and followers. Here are some original tips that can increase your chance of getting more Spotify followers and being listened to.

  1. Create Your Own Spotify Playlist

It is important to have your own playlist and update it with a new release. Some new artists also create playlists that include a mix of their own music and music they like. It is also very useful to regularly update the playlist by removing some of the tracks of other artists and adding newer ones. Thus, the playlist attracts listeners who are looking for an assorted type of playlist. Sometimes you can bring a change by adding songs of the same genre considering season, festivity etc. For example: in winter you can make a playlist that mostly contains songs that go with the wintry mood. This type of experiment would eventually help you to understand your target audiences and their preferences.

It is also crucial to keep your playlist tidy by not exceeding 200 tracks and not keeping more than 5 songs of the same artist.

  1. Make an Impressive Spotify Playlist Profile

Most of the popular Spotify playlists have a very captivating name with catchy images. Choose a unique name that goes with your style- both concurrent and old fashioned names are trendy in Spotify. Adding an interesting bio that outlines your background, music genre and taste catches the attention of the listeners. PRONOUN, a Spotify profile who has 62,831 monthly listeners, has a bio that says ‘OMG I MADE IT, the latest project from PRONOUN — hits like a much-needed catch-up with an old friend you hadn’t seen since all of this happened’. This kind of zest in the bio created a yearning in the listeners for old favourite tracks.

  1. Have Real Followers

To increase followers, some artists buy fake Spotify followers. But the fact is that the followers purchased through any outsourcing platform are not active. Eventually, Spotify identifies and deletes these fake or inactive profiles.  Of course there are also some platforms like Buy Social Today where you can buy real Spotify followers.

To get genuine followers, you can also share your Spotify playlist in your social media profiles like Tweeter, Facebook, Instagram etc, in  your website or promote in other platforms like Redditt. You may also email your friends, family and colleagues to share your playlist. You can also communicate with music blogs like SubmitHub and promote your songs there. This may take you time to have a good number of followers but eventually would help you to get real people to appreciate your music and build a strong identity of yours.

  1. Connect with Other Artists and Curators and Support Each Other

Some artists share each other’s songs and thus both get more streams and followers. When more people listen to your playlist, it automatically gets recommended to more people.  Try to connect with such artists and curators who would share your playlists with others or include your songs to their playlists; and you do the same for them. This way you can help each other to grow.

  1. Stay Consistent, Be Patient and Enjoy the Process

Finally, to get a satisfactory number of followers and streams, you need to be consistent in creating contents, sharing new contents without overdue, updating playlist with seasons, moods, festivals and trends, building genuine followers and being patient with the long process. There is no shortcut to this. Most of all, enjoy your work and have fun!

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