Proxy Servers: Details of the Work

You may have been using a proxy server for years without knowing you have one. Many people don’t know what proxy means, although they’ve been using them since school or working with them at the office. This article will help you to understand what is proxy, what features are included in proxy residential, and whether you need it or not.

About Proxy Server

Proxy service is an intermediary between your computer or any other gadget you are using and the Internet. When you surf the Internet, you are redirected to proxy that connects you to the website, covering your real IP address, providing you access to the geo-restricted websites, keeping your identity secured. Proxy guides you to the website you need and sends your protected information back.

Services Proxy Offers

Proxy is much more than simple protection from hackers on the Internet. It includes lots of features you can use for your benefit and the benefit of your business. Before you buy any proxy, make sure it has all the benefits you need. The most popular features:

  • This is a security system that stands as a barrier between you and the World Wide Web. If you want to improve your protection, you can find a reliable proxy server that blocks the access for any malware or hackers to your computer;
  • Block the websites you don’t want to see. You can restrict access to specific websites for your children or employees at work. They will not be able to watch social networks or get distracted by anything from their work. You will save the traffic this way since all the workers will only enter a limited amount of websites;
  • Bypass the restrictions. Meanwhile, you can get access to any restricted information on the Internet. If you see the blocked website, it is probably restricted by geolocation. Once you need information there, change your IP address to local using the proxy;
  • Speed up the Internet connection. The proxy server provides caching of the data you access using it. This way all the pages you need are already downloaded. If you need to enter them again, they will be opened in no time. If you have a proxy server for the company, employees will be able to get the information they need faster, mainly because the portal they use was already opened several times;
  • Hidden identity. This feature also offers increased security to you and your employees. You are not visible to hackers and don’t leave digital traces around you. You attend the websites you need anonymously. Hackers will not be able to track you by your fake IP.

Proxy for Every Day

You can use a proxy for both your work and your free time. It will save you traffic and improve your security. Proxy servers also allow you to open any website you need, no matter where you are now. Forget about local restrictions: nobody will be able to find you with a proper proxy. Choose wisely, considering all the possibilities in front of you.

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