How can WhatsApp Business API level up your marketing strategy?

how can whatsapp business api level up your marketing strategy 35676 - How can WhatsApp Business API level up your marketing strategy?

WhatsApp was initiated in February 2009. It became popular around 2013. Now, the WhatsApp business was established by the cooperation between Facebook and WhatsApp. While WhatsApp is just a messaging app that has reached millions of people around the globe, WhatsApp business has been designed exclusively for business owners.

How did WhatsApp business become popular?

This pandemic has been a boon to the business sector. There has been a massive boost up to the startups during the pandemic. Not only is the pandemic responsible for the same, but also the large funding, growing technologies, coalition activities are also very much to take accountability.

So, the WhatsApp business has seen the face of the startup crowd during this period. WhatsApp business makes business simple and easy by providing certain remarkable features which enable quick messaging and automated answering. Due to the WhatsApp API, the handling of messages received from various customers has become much easier.

What is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API is an application that enables a business company to receive a vast number of messages from customers. One does not have to change the settings to receive personal messages from clients. The WhatsApp Business API is a source to get closer to the consumers in the global market. It’s nothing but a customer messenger remedy for which many companies have been lagging until now.

Companies like KLM, Atletico de Madrid, Toyota are using the WhatsApp business API successfully. Not only does it provide an unlimited messaging system (WhatsApp messaging API ) but it also provides a perfect business profile, data protection and privacy norms and many other things that are vital for using WhatsApp business.

Difference between WhatsApp business app and the WhatsApp Business API

Now, amidst all the necessary details regarding WhatsApp business, one might doubt the difference between the WhatsApp business and the WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging app launched WhatsApp Business to assist the businesses to serve their customers in a better way and to make the interaction between the company and the customer easier. But, the system of a small business company is not feasible for the larger business companies. They have more consumers and other complicated norms to deal with rather than interacting with consumers individually. Thus, the WhatsApp messaging API.

WhatsApp API, as mentioned above, gives an edge to the messaging app over another normal messaging app due to its remarkable features. So, when it is used with the business app, it develops the normal building to an exclusive use-for-industries structure.

The Important features that one should know before using WhatsApp Business API

These are the very reasons why the WhatsApp business API is extremely useful for large as well as small businesses.

  • A centralized dashboard is provided so that the company can easily handle and interact with customers.
  • For the questions of the customers, there is a programmed system that automatically answers the queries of customers. No one has to sit all day online to receive and answer questions.
  • Every business company is given a green checkmark to show customers that they are verified.
  • Allowing numerous other users to endorse in the dashboard.
  • Also, a tracking system is provided to track the performance of the business.

Free WhatsApp API & Business API

WhatsApp API may not be available for free to the public. But Free business API is available.

Whatso is the most remarkable and user-friendly app that enables the business to send a huge number of messages to consumers. It also enables the usage of photos, attachments, videos, text messages, etc.  Whatso is free of cost. As you may know, WhatsApp does not support unsolicited messages. If the software is used, which uses the WhatsApp web, it would be easier to advertise to potential customers without much hassle.

How should the WhatsApp business API be used so that it levels up the marketing strategy?

Now the WhatsApp Business API has become a vital communication medium for businesses. Here are the key tips that will come in handy while using the WhatsApp Business API.

  • Know your need and capacity
  • Create a business plan accordingly
  • Try to make people aware of your WhatsApp services
  • Find other supporting technologies that can boost up the conversational experience
  • Know the target market


The messaging app has transformed into a hybrid app of messaging app and business apps. Although free business API is not accessible. One can go for Whatso. A bulk of Messages can be sent over various countries without much difficulty and it also comes free of cost. Though premium packages can also be used. Try the free demo and experience the amazing messaging system of Whatso. Link for the free demo here.

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