Commercial prospection on social networks

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Commercial prospection is part of the marketing strategy to find potential customers. The use of the best commercial techniques ensures the development of sales. In the age of the Web and technological advances, social networks are proving to be a fast tool.

Focus on commercial prospection

Commercial prospection is an important step in sales. This strategic step aims to find prospects and turn them into customers. The following steps should not be neglected:

Defining the objectives: for example, seeking new customers or contacting old ones to find out their needs; Identify the customers: target community;

Choose the appropriate means: emailing, social networks, etc;

Build customer loyalty.

If you want to go deeper into the subject, you can read this article on the steps to follow for a successful prospection.

In addition, to make your prospection successful and save time, you can use Kaspr, which is a lead generation tool that allows you to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of prospects on LinkedIn.

Why use social networks?

As the world evolves, tools must constantly keep up with the changes. According to the “Digital, Social and Mobile 2021” report by the agency We Are Social, “there are now 4.20 billion social media users worldwide. This number is equivalent to more than 53% of the total world population. Social networks represent the new modes of communication. The marketing strategy must be adapted accordingly to gain visibility. Commercial prospection via social networks is less intrusive. Customers can share their

opinion directly on the platforms and indirectly encourage other Internet users to buy the product offered. Among the available platforms, the most famous are : LinkedIn, Facebook (Meta) and Twitter.


Over the years, LinkedIn has transformed commercial prospection to become the network of reference. It is the leading BtoB network and the most up-to-date database of social networks. With LinkedIn, it is possible to :

Exchange with customers and thus build loyalty;

So, before talking to them, you can use the Kaspr sales automation tool which allows you to invite people to join your network and/or send them a message, and everything is done automatically from a list of LinkedIn contacts.

Find new customers by industry using LinkedIn Ads;

Share content about your company (articles, expertise, etc.);

Find out about competing companies using the search tool.

LinkedIn is popular with professionals because it allows them to increase the influence of a company. Twitter

It allows you to maintain a relationship with your prospects and, consequently, to build loyalty and encourage them to buy your products or services. On Twitter, you can :

Follow the news

Animate a professional event;

Create a buzz and thus increase the company’s visibility;

Work with influencers.

Twitter is mainly used to keep up to date with digital marketing news and to optimise your visibility on the Net.


According to JDN, by the end of 2020, “Facebook had 2.85 billion monthly active users and 1.88 billion daily active users worldwide”. It allows the company to interact with customers to build brand loyalty. The opinions of the latter, whether positive or negative, also influence other Internet users. This platform also allows :

Targeted advertising;

Create discussion groups more easily than on LinkedIn;

Take advantage of Messenger messaging.

This platform should not be overlooked, as it allows you to promote the production of viral content. This strategy allows you to attract the attention of potential prospects.

Requirements for good prospection on social networks

The first step is to optimise the profile as much as possible, as this is what customers will immediately see and analyse: put a professional profile picture and/or a cover picture. Then it is best to fill in all the necessary information: company description, experiences or recommendations if possible. The content of your articles should be catchy. Don’t hesitate to do extensive research on how to stand out on social networks.

In general, it is necessary to keep an eye on the social networks to ensure a constant presence on them and to establish a strong image with prospects. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the feeds and be on the lookout for updates. Moreover, content on social networks disappears quickly. Do not hesitate to interact with your community and with other players in your market.

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