Originating out of Stockholm, Thunderkick may be a relatively new company but they haven’t let that stop them. The developer has managed to amass an impressive list of all casino games, gaining a nice following from players in the process.

Who are Thunderkick

Thunderkick started in 2012, originally the company was just a small number of people but it soon expanded and it now creates titles across many different markets including the whole of Europe. One of the main reasons why the developer has managed to become so acclaimed by players in such a short space of time has to do with their attitude toward developing titles.

Best ten slots

Although Thunderkick may not have a game catalogue that is as deep as some other developers, that is not necessarily a bad thing. The developer prioritises quality over quantity. As they aim to do things that no developer has done before, the developer often creates unique titles. The following Thunderkick slots are ten of the best.

  1.  Flame Busters – Arguably the best release from the developer, this game boasts amazing retro graphics, a unique theme and over 200 different ways for players to win. It is no surprise that the slot won the award for best game back in 2017!
  2. Luchadora – This colourful slot game is based on Mexican wrestling, it features amazing graphics and the exact sort of animations that perfectly suit this theme. Players will also love its wild symbols and free spins bonus.
  3. The Falcon Huntress – Featuring a unique theme, the gameplay in this slot really stands out. Not only does it have easy and enjoyable gameplay but a slew of bonuses such as scatters and wilds.
  4. Pink Elephants – Thanks to the amazing theme, this slot is very memorable. With a feeling of adventure prevalent throughout, this slot also has a huge amount of paylines, over 4,000!
  5. Turning Totems – Players will love this slot, with its mythological theme keeping things interesting and a generous RTP of 96%!
  6. 1429 Uncharted Seas – The graphics really shine in this slot game as the reels appear on a map, thanks to the sound effects and music players will really feel that they are on a boat. This slot also has a nice RTP of 98%.
  7. Barber Shop Uncut – This entertaining slot game not only has great graphics and sounds for players to enjoy but it also comes with a very generous RTP of 97%! There is much to love about this slot game.
  8. Arcader – Players will immediately notice the classic theme this slot uses, the graphics do a great job of helping players feel like they are using a game from the past. There is also a nice RTP of 95%.
  9. Fruit Warp – If you are a fan of classic slot games, this is the game for you. The ever popular fruity theme is something that needs to be seen to be believed as well as the unique reel design.
  10. Birds on a Wire – With its unique gameplay mechanic and striking visuals, this slot won’t please everyone. However there is much to enjoy for the players who do like it, watch out for the high variance the slot has though!


The developer focuses on creating state of the art games that explore areas that have remained untouched in the industry. While this strategy may not always pay off, it has been successful many times.

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