6 Ways to Easily Attract More Real Followers on Facebook

Facebook is amongst the top sites to consider in your social media marketing campaigns. This is because it is on the list of the best social media sites with big market potential. Facebook attracts more customers than other social media platforms and this is why it has become favourable to many business owners.

In fact, according to eMarketer’s 2020 study, Facebook has 59% of all social media users globally. But to get the most out of it, you need to have a large following on your business page, many of the followers are qualified leads with interest in your business.

Let’s take you through the best ways that can help you to easily attract more Facebook followers.

1. Post Frequently

It is not just a matter of creating a Facebook page and leaving it. You need to put in some effort and post relevant information regularly to gain followers.

You can create a content calendar that will help you to plan your social media posts and be consistent. Moreover, you can embrace social media publishing tools if you don’t have the time to do it manually.

Platforms help you to set the date and time when the posts will be published and it is automatically done for you.

2. Engage with Your Audience

Many Facebook users like being recognised by the brands they follow. So it would be better to interact with your audience like on some of your posts. You can respond to their comments to create a connection with them. This attracts more leads, as the individuals might be more inclined to engage with your brand.

Online businesses use Facebook to engage with their audience using memes and questions. For example, news websites and even online gambling sites such as SBO. For the latter, the platform reviews each operator and recommends the ones that have the best welcome bonuses, and provides honest operator ratings through their honest reviews. In addition, to help get you started, there are many how-to guides.

3. Promote Your Facebook Page

You can promote your Facebook page in many ways to attract more people to it. Some of the best strategies for this is to include a call to action in your email newsletters.

On top of that, you can organise giveaways on your Facebook page to attract potential customers to it, many of them will follow to keep up to date with any new offers in the future.

You can as well embed some of your Facebook posts in your blog posts. But only include if the content is relevant, as it may confuse your target audience.

4. Add the Facebook Link on Your Website

Add the Facebook link to your digital platforms, especially your website. You can include its link and those of other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter on your homepage. Best of all, webmobistar gives you easy ways to boost likes on your business’s Instagram posts.

You can as well use ‘’Connect With Us’’ or ‘’Follow Us’’ in the location of the links. This assures your website visitors that they can get more information about your business. In addition, customer support can be offered on these channels.

5. Create A Facebook Group

It is recommended to create a Facebook group on top of your business page. This is because it attracts people who are interested in your niche, and you can position yourself as an authority.

Many businesses have embraced Facebook groups because it helps to build a social community. It includes many of your existing customers and potential leads.

Best of all, customers who join your business’s Facebook group are also likely to follow its page. Wondering why? Because they have already shown interest in it by joining the group.

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the secret to great discoverability on Facebook although many people don’t know how they work. On every post you make on Facebook, it is advisable to include a hashtag as it gives it a wider reach to your target audience.

Your post can easily be discovered from the many Facebook posts. But you must use popular hashtags that are relevant to your niche. This ensures that your post reaches the right audience that will be attracted to your business page.

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